Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Hall Foundation Online Scholarship

Yes. Every student must submit transcripts and fill out the survey at the end of every semester in order to keep Hall Foundation Scholarship for the following semester. We must receive your latest transcripts and see your cumulative GPA from the latest semester in order to determine what your scholarship award will be for the following semester. The survey provides us with important information on how close our scholarship recipients are to earning certificates and degrees and what additional help our scholarship recipients may need.
When a student is awarded Hall Foundation Scholarship, they receive a letter with step by step instructions on how to add Hall Foundation as a 3rd party payee to their student account. The only way the receive Hall Foundation Scholarship funds is to add Hall Foundation as a 3rd party payee to a student account.
Scholarships applications will be reviewed in the order they were received. After 50 scholarships have been awarded for each semester, you will receive and email indicating whether your application was accepted or denied. For those whose applications were not reviewed that semester, you will receive an email giving you the option to keep the application active, with the possibility of it being reviewed the following semester, or you can pull the application indicating you are no longer interested in the scholarship. Due to the large number of applications, It takes on average 6-12 months for Hall Foundation to review your application.
No. At this time Hall Foundation Scholarship is only available for online students.

At this time, Hall Foundation Scholarship Award does not cover the cost of textbooks.

No. When Hall Foundation Scholarship award is added to your student account you will not able to use these funds to pay for other expenses or request these funds to be transferred to your personal bank account.
Yes. In order to maintain the scholarship you must enroll in at least one class two semesters a year. If you choose not to enroll in class the first semester you were awarded Hall Foundation Scholarship for online students, you will have to enroll in at least one class the following two semesters in order to keep the scholarship. For example, if you were awarded Hall Foundation Scholarship for online students for Fall 2021 and you decided to not enroll in class that semester you will have to enroll in at least one class in the Winter 2022 Semester and at least one class in the Spring 2022 Semester in order to keep your Hall Foundation Scholarship.
If you add/drop classes after the final deadline Hall Foundation will not receive these funds back from the school. This means that these credits will be subtracted from your 120 credits of tuition you were awarded by Hall Foundation Scholarship for BYU-I and Ensign Online Students.
Yes, a student can retake a class and use their Hall Foundation Scholarship to pay for the class they retake. However, this will count toward a student’s 120 credits of awarded scholarship funds. For example, if a student were to retake two 3 credit classes 12 credits of scholarship award funds would be spent on the 6 earned credits. Keep in mind that all BYUI students only have 4 retakes for the entire time they are students. If they retake more than that, the retake will not replace the grade and the credit, the retaken grade will be averaged with the original grade.
Yes. Hall Foundation will cover up to 120 credits of tuition. If you change your major and have to take additional classes, you might have to take more than 120 credits. Once you have used up 120 credits covered by Hall Foundation Scholarship you will be responsible for paying for the remaining credits on your own.
No. Hall Foundation Scholarship will not cover any previous tuition, textbooks or other education related fees. Students must pay for their previous balances in order to register for classes and be able to receive Hall Foundation Scholarship funds on their account.
You must be enrolled in at least 1 class at least 2 semesters a year. If you fail to do so your Hall Foundation Scholarship will be revoked.
No. There is no minimum credit requirement for Hall Foundation Scholarship recipients.
The Hall Foundation Scholarship will cover full tuition the first semester a student is awarded the scholarship. We do not recommend you take more credits than you can handle because after the first semester, the amount of scholarship is determined based on the scholarship recipients’ cumulative GPA. All students must submit their transcripts at the end of each semester.
  • Students receive 100% tuition award if their cumulative GPA is between 3.0 – 4.0
  • Students receive 50% tuition award if their cumulative GPA is between 2.0 – 2.9
  • If a student’s cumulative GPA drops below 2.0 they will not receive Hall Foundation Scholarship funds, until they bring their cumulative GPA back up.
The scholarship covers the credits needed to reach 120 tuition credits. If students have previously attended semesters prior to receiving the Hall Foundation Scholarship, tuition will only cover up to 120 total credits, which is the point when a student should have earned a bachelor’s degree.
That is correct. Without completing PathwayConnect you are not eligible to apply for Hall Foundation Scholarship for BYU-Idaho or Ensign College Online Students
Yes. Hall Foundation Scholarship is for BYU-Idaho online students who have served a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints