The Hall Foundation

At the forefront of global impact, the Hall Foundation actively fosters education, providing online scholarships for international students and supporting impactful projects worldwide. Primarily, the foundation believes in the transformative power of education, breaking barriers and fostering a more interconnected world. This commitment seamlessly extends to local projects, showcasing unwavering dedication to grassroots change. By addressing pressing issues, the organization becomes a catalyst for positive change, bridging the gap between global education and local empowerment. This dynamic approach highlights the profound impact of compassion on individuals and communities alike. Actively contributing to societal well-being, the Hall Foundation plays a pivotal role in creating a brighter future.

We remain steadfast in our dedication to both global and local communities. Through active engagement in education initiatives and support for meaningful projects, our team of volunteers consistently demonstrates the power of commitment and compassion in building a better world for all.

Our Mission

We commit to uplifting individuals through education scholarships, charitable giving, and community involvement.

Lift Individually, Rise Together

Our Mission

We commit to uplifting individuals through education scholarships, charitable giving, and community involvement.

Lift Individually, Rise Together

Our Story

Brad Hall, with his wife Andrea, served as Mission President for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mexico City Northwest Mission. Throughout their service, they worked alongside hundreds of young adults from diverse backgrounds. Because they witnessed many return to their countries with limited opportunities, they were inspired into action.

The Brad and Andrea Hall Family Foundation emerged in 2015. Committed to providing on-campus scholarships for international returned missionaries, fostering educational opportunities and breaking down barriers.

In 2020, the Hall Foundation Scholarship expanded into an online scholarship. This initiative specifically caters to returned missionaries, offering them the opportunity to pursue online education through either BYU-Idaho or Ensign College.

The Hall Foundation initiated local projects, thereby marking a significant expansion of its impact. To streamline these efforts, a dedicated local committee was established, specifically tasked with coordinating service projects within the state of Idaho.

To enhance community engagement in the state of Arizona, we have taken the initiative to establish a local committee specifically dedicated to coordinating impactful service projects.

The Hall Foundation outlined four company-wide focuses, each designated for a quarter of the year:

Q1: Addressing hunger in local communities and globally through the “Challenge Hunger” initiative.

Q2: Facilitating blood donations for life-saving medical procedures and services with the “Blood Drive.”

Q3: Promoting an attitude of service in daily life, emphasizing both small and large acts of kindness during “Service September.”

Q4: Offering opportunities for employees to actively support causes they are passionate about through the “Giving Tree.”

In 2024, The Hall Foundation broadened its scholarship eligibility, making scholarships available to all international online students. It is no longer a requirement for applicants to have served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Local Projects

Volunteers in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah actively organize and execute service projects for the Foundation. Additionally, the Hall Foundation undertakes multi-state quarterly projects in March, May, September, and November & December, supporting communities across these states.

The Hall Foundation Scholarship

The Hall Foundation extends online scholarships to international students worldwide. Furthermore, the Halls recognize that education opens doors to opportunities, ultimately paving the way for improved employment prospects and family stability.