Lift. Rise.
Make A Difference.

The Hall Foundation is focused on helping individuals lift the communities around them.

From scholarships, to empowering employees, to challenging hunger, the Hall Foundation is a resource for anyone who wants to help make a difference in the world.

“I just have to tell you from the bottom of my heart – thank you. That was such an amazing day yesterday and all of your (Hall Foundation) team was just wonderful to work with. It gives me hope that this community can and will do what is needed for the kids and families we serve. You are all amazing!”

-Katie Francis, United Way

Good News Articles

Wall of Warmth

Jefferson High School in Rigby, Idaho reported that one of their students was assigned to give a report on something that has made an impact on her life and shaped what she wants to do in the future.  She talked about the Wall of Warmth.  She reported that her family has struggled financially for the past few years and could not afford to purchase coats.  They have relied on the Wall of Warmth to keep their family warm.  She was so grateful for the anonymity that the wall provides for those in need.  She also reported that it has influenced her to want to pursue a career helping others. 

Giving Tree

In December, Hall Company employees were given the opportunity to provide Christmas gifts for over 200 children in need, including 28 of our very own employee’s children.  Here’s some of the responses that we received from caregivers:

“My kiddos love everything!!! God Bless”
“The RC cars and Legos were a hit with all of our boys.  They loved everything.”
“Our 1 year old got a music table that she loves and I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our community.”
“Our teens liked their gifts! They appreciated getting most of things they had on their lists.”

Challenge Hunger

Many children on free and reduced meal programs rely on their school to provide food for them.  During the week of Spring Break, Idaho schools are shut down and children no longer are able to count on this resource for nourishment.  The Hall Foundation partnered with the United Way in Southeast Idaho to provide meals for 400 local Idaho school children.

“I just have to tell you from the bottom of my heart – thank you.  That was such an amazing day yesterday and all of your team was just wonderful to work with.  It gives me hope that this community can and will do what is needed for the kids and families we serve.  You are all amazing!”

          Katie Francis, United Way

Quarterly Events

Challenge Hunger


We want to do our part in supporting local food banks through monetary and food donations. With your help, food banks can further CHALLENGE HUNGER in their communities.

Participating offices kicked off March with office-wide lunches to collect donations. Other locations also organized canned food drives and put together meal kits. The Hall Foundation will match all donated funds up to $50,000.


Money Donated
$ 0

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! During the month of March, we received donations from 6 different states – Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Tennessee, and New Mexico.

+ Matched Funds

Total to be Donated to Food Banks in 8 States.
$ 0

Blood Drive


May is Blood Drive Month. 

Once a year Hall Foundation volunteers are invited to donate blood. These donations go to people in need, and aid local blood banks in meeting the needs in their areas. 

This year, you can donate virtually by visiting any Red Cross location and using our link to add your donation to our cause. We will also have blood drives in person you can attend to donate.


Lives Saved

Stay tuned for more details!


Service September

September is about Service!

You can make a difference in your community! We want to spend September focusing on ways we can help our neighbors. What projects are you passionate about? Search local service organizations or watch our social media and website for inspiration.

Service September is a great opportunity to do some good!

Giving Tree

Many foster children don’t have someone to buy them gifts they need or want for Christmas. We want to change that.

In November, we set up “Giving Trees” in offices for Brad Hall Companies. Each Giving Tree is covered in requested gifts for foster children in the local community. Pick a tag, purchase the gift, and deliver it, unwrapped with the gift tag, to the appropriate HR representative by Dec 18th.

You can also purchase a gift virtually if you don’t have access to a physical “Giving Tree” through our Dreamlist Registry

Student Quotes

Martin Alonso Díaz Pérez, Mexico - This semester was important because I was working full-time and I was recognized in my job for a good performance in reaching the company goals. This makes me feel humble and confident that what I am learning is good and if I apply what I'm learning in college at my job, it benefit me much more.
Anastancia Balanga, Angola - I was able to use social media tools and start a small business. I used the resources I learned in my Marketing certificate and started creating posts on social media as people visited my page and they started using my services. That is how I started my small business. I also got my certificate in Marriage and Family Relations, through the courses that I had I was able to update my profile and recently I was hired and now I am working as Seminaries and Institutes Coordinator for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I will always be grateful for the Hall Foundation for not just help paying tuition but for inspiring young people to learn and never give up.
Kayembe Floribert Mulumba, Burundi - Hello Hall Foundation, first of all, I wanted to say thank you for this opportunity to allow me further my education. The winter semester has been an exceptional deal. And I enjoyed the class as well as the courses. One change in my life during the winter semester is that I have been hired as a French teacher and this allows me to pay my tithes and offerings, pay the rent, food, and other personal needs. I look forward to a better quality of life as I am gaining knowledge and skills at BYUI.
Manuel Anhuaman Zamora, Peru - During the Fall 2021 semester, I have somehow been contacted by people to help them with some additional work. They contacted me through LinkedIn, and asked me to provide some services, which has allowed me to improve my income for a few months and be able to provide for my family, even during the pandemic.
Allan Kibirango, Uganda - I have been able to use the knowledge I have attained in this course this semester to help my wife start a side business that helps her generate better income from her employment which has helped her improve on tithe paying.
Michael Odoemelam, Nigeria - I have learned how to better start a business from the scratch and grow it with time using some basic business skills and concepts. I have also learned how to create a CV for job applications, and interviews, and how to prepare a cash flow statement.
Cesar Uicab Cetina, Mexico - I consider that my professional capacity has grown considerably. The skills and knowledge gained about digital marketing have helped me in my work activities by improving my products promotion. I have also been able to contribute to my ward in the Church by preparing content and planning together with my leaders ways to take advantage of social networks to share the gospel.
Abdullahtif Musiimaami, Uganda - My life changed because I learned how to use a computer in communication and doing work, how to do group work. I gained knowledge on how to do community health work through practicing what I learned from class and it changed my life because it helped me to love more the people I was serving.
Progress Munyariri, Zimbabwe - I've since started a computer sales and repairs business after earning my computer support certificate. Because of this self-employment opportunity, I've been able to have more time to study and be with family, while meeting my financial obligations to provide for my family. I have a lot of peace of mind.
Evaristo Rivera, Mexico - I have improved my ability to handle a heavier workload. I am currently renting with my wife and we have continued to learn and improve. I have gotten a job thanks to the stake's program to get a job quickly. I am teaching English. It's still very hard because my wife is also studying, but I'm getting closer to finishing my certificate. I work a lot of hours and that is the reason I haven't gotten it done already, but I'm closer than ever.
Christian Maloba, Congo - My overall quality of life has changed dramatically during the spring semester. I've become more self-reliant not only financially but also emotionally and spiritually. Financially I've been able to connect with a big NGO in which I'm working as the country ambassador. Emotionally I've become more confident and I've incarnated leadership and management skills and threats such as being accountable.
Ezenwa Okoro, Nigeria - I was able to save some money found a better housing for my family and collaborated with some friends to start a business. Using the things I learned at BYU I was able to contribute to our little business.